Cinder Well

by Cinder Well

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Fin Doktor
Fin Doktor thumbnail
Fin Doktor Occasionally you come across an album that really resonates with you and this is definitely one for me. Every song on here is full of such ethereal melancholy and beauty. Fast becoming a favourite of mine. Favorite track: An Ode to Heavy Water.
Tynan Rud
Tynan Rud thumbnail
Tynan Rud This album is comfy. The powerful songwriting and compositions juxtaposed with lo-fi instrumentation feels like slowly wandering through an old abandoned home, listening to sense the phantoms of the lives and memories made within. Favorite track: The Alicon House.
Cary Christian
Cary Christian thumbnail
Cary Christian A totally excellent album in all respects !!! Favorite track: Fallen.
elizabethjillanne thumbnail
elizabethjillanne I had the pleasure of hearing Cinder Well this past year at Cascadian Yule. i have been moved and haunted by the lyrics, sounds and feelings of your music since. Thank you.
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The Alicon House the ladies keening at the grave and the boys playing cards on the coffin lid my sister is screaming in her sleep for the goats she let out of the gate she left open again but what of the tower and what of the oak undried fruits they cracked as we spoke and the wheel of the loom to the dust to the earth to the earth what am I to the earth what am I I am lost I am frozen in the dawn at the Alicon House I am tracing the runes, I’m still tracing the runes at your feet to the house that I know I am further from it now heard the walls crack and fell fodder to the ground I am further from it now cut the leather and bury the sound I am further from it now
Cinder Well 04:54
Cinder Well father told me of the drowning a little louder than before the lights and all the fires ending to leave a dust storm strewn the hall if the sun were any louder would you have heard it call cinder well and the cellar door a little closer than before the greyscale of rotting blood and diamonds no where warm but the sun to the blood and the ash and the act of moving through nailing through to the drowning of the other side and those dark cellars under houses under roofs that unwilling you are descended into all the times that you were drowning a little louder than before you can escape the cellar’s calling even though she dwells there still
The little box, the colour of heartache the scaffolding, the prison cell the attic in the cardboard box in the suburbs or buried underground melted on the stone hot oil in the broken pan oil and melted wax, your hands are full of grime your hands full of grime I would watch your limbs in the placid water on the mantle shelf in the damp light blue ink formaldehyde the ancient cedar falls to ember on the newspaper minutes from becoming ash the candy box left full these trains northern bound conducted by ghosts oh mother for the fate I’ve won don’t bother with the stage I’m on its a golden empty cage for one your hands full of grime
The Hyde Mansion/ Lonesome John safe like a widow far from the shore if you stay longer you may fall from the void, you may fall something is burning in rings of water altars of stolen lace softly lay softly the old man is dead and they’re feeding me sugar again ornery father stray from the vile that you hold top the shelves off with cold paper dolls from the cracks in the old southern wall finally my son has come from the depths back to us
An Ode to Heavy Water the words rolling about your head for years and the clay of your face withering the well of your sorrow is untapped hearts are heavy barricades exploding I am surrounded by the words I have written the pages, the letters and losses I am nothing but the photos in the albums of those I have left and those who have left us. an ode to your hands holding what they have reached for and have not held yet the ache from the cramping, holding will subside with the motion of blood flowing heavy water are the lines on my face this mossy morning the well untapped its caverns aching the winds hitting heavy walls are sturdy crying in my limbs, tired and fluttering branching to the skyline, woods are quaking tumbling through the cold and heavy water
Fallen 03:06
Fallen fallen, you have fallen to the ground falter slowly as you wait for the snow to stick to your heart shaped branches over me in the fall and oh, my body alone the strings are on the floor now they fell from my chest


released April 21, 2015


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Cinder Well

doomy folk from the depths

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